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FAIL Predeveloped scripts/ auto script generator


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Hi friends. Ive tried every pre-written script for ducky and none run smooth and sweet. Zero. Ive been studying powershell trying to get the most simple and most important script to work; emailing the collected info out.

Ive Spent dozens of hrs trying to get 1 email sent via powershell. Multiple ways found via google, ducky method, they all fail. I want to buy more products. Hoping im just an idiot and youre all getting the scripts running perfect first time. Itd sure suck if i couldn't use hak5.

Literally tried about 6 different emailing methods found through google and other books. cant get one to go through. Thinking you need to become a powershell master to get anything to work? The build your own ducky script and encode seems a joke, an advertisement to lure noobs to its ease of use.

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OK... we have to sort some things out here to get some relevant answers to your problems/questions. What pre-written scripts are you referring to? Is it some generated using the ducktoolkit.com web site (or some posted by users on that site)? Or from elsewhere? What email service are you using in your scripts? Something self-hosted or, for example, Gmail? I just created a payload using the ducktoolkit.com web site and it was running OK apart from one detail, I had to add the port number to the script before it worked, AND... if you are using Gmail, you have to make sure you haven't got any 2FA/MFA active and also change the setting to allow less secure apps. This is most often enabled by default for any Google/Gmail account, and if it's enabled you will never be successful sending any emails using Powershell using smtp.

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