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So when I am scanning for some devices, lets say My iPhone I can never see its MAC address. However when connecting to on of the open SSID's available : I can see the status disconnected MAC address which changes each time. 

Test : Connect/ disconnect from the broadcasted open SSID

each time the MAC address displayed is a dif one. Can someone explain me why pls ? 

And why I can never find the MAC addresses that I need after a recon ? 

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5 hours ago, Slizer said:

Can someone explain me why pls ? 

Android and iOS started randomizing MAC for devices. You can google the versions of each where it started. In my android i can go into to the wifi settings (of the connected network) and turn it on/off.

Its theoretically to resist basic tracking/privacy issues. Which you can see in action on your pineapple.

Some good reading http://papers.mathyvanhoef.com/asiaccs2016.pdf Although I believe things have moved on further since that was written its got a lot of great info.

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