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"Page updated" message on C2 V3


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Installed the new Cloud C2 community edition (on Ubuntu 20.04) and accessing on Windows 10 machine (1909) with Edge (Chromium), Chrome or Firefox am getting "Page updated" message every few seconds on any page which makes the interface difficult to use.

When accessing the page from Firefox on iOS (iPhone) this does not happen.

Had a look around the forum but could not get it to act normally with the suggestions.

Anyone else experiencing this? have a fix?

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It's a known "issue", has been discussed before in the release thread https://forums.hak5.org/topic/53473-release-hak5-cloud-c2-30x/

I had the same behavior on my Kali box with Firefox just after I upgraded my C2 instance, but for some reason it has miraculously disappeared without me doing anything specific about it. Now it just shows once as I load the Cloud C2 GUI, and after that it doesn't appear.


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