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Cloning an existing Captive Portal


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I'm looking for the option to clone an existing Captive Portal of maybe a Company. Where do i find that option in the Mark7?

I'm totally new here.

On this site https://blog.inspired-sec.com/archive/2017/01/10/cloning-captive-portals.html  I found a description for the Tetra.

But this doesn't help me with my Pineapple Mark7.


Thanks in advance and all the best




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I found the following portals on GitHub useful. 


I first unzipped the file on my Windows 10 PC then used WinSCP to move the portals into the root/portal folder on the Pineapple MkvII these then show up in the Portal Library section of the Evil Portal page. 

Once you have a sample portal, its easy to clone one and make the amendments you need in the PHP and HTML elements. 

Stay safe



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