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  1. Hi I found the following portals on GitHub useful. https://github.com/kbeflo/evilportals I first unzipped the file on my Windows 10 PC then used WinSCP to move the portals into the root/portal folder on the Pineapple MkvII these then show up in the Portal Library section of the Evil Portal page. Once you have a sample portal, its easy to clone one and make the amendments you need in the PHP and HTML elements. Stay safe
  2. This is my first post for absolutely ages to the Hak5 community, and was prompted after I discovered an issue whilst following the various set up guides within the community, and having read some really negative and unfounded comments from others having a go at Hak5 for set up issues. [disclaimer] From the very start, let me say that the issues were caused by my Virtual Server hosts here in the UK (Fasthosts) and by there system built in Firewall policy. Kudos goes to Hak5 Darren for pointing me in the right direction as I thought I was losing the plot. With hindsight, I should h
  3. UnLo Ive pretty much given up on this, as all THREE of the Bash Bunnies I have received died either directly after the firmware updates or shortly afterwards and OK I may have cocked up the first one during the update process by doing exactly what you did and unplug the bunny whilst the green light was still on, but not a chance with the second and third units which I attempted to update using the advice from Darren in his post of 8th March. I now have three dead bunnies and no way of recovering firmware on any of them, let me know if you solve the problem or hear of a fix
  4. From what I can see, the firmware update is not affected by the addition of unpacked contents of the .gz to the root, but then again I am unable to comment further as my 3rd Bash Bunny replacement died after I updated the firmware and I can not elicit any response from the guys in Hak5 Support who have been ignoring my emails for the last 3 weeks or more. Just_a_User gave me some great advice when I was attempting to update my first BashBunny and the update then went without any problems. Let me know how the update goes for you will you please. MM
  5. Hi Having successfully used the Factory reset procedure on a couple of occasions, and then updated the firmware to the latest version I have now run into a problem that I can not solve on my own. I wrote a couple of payloads and copied these into Switch 1 & Switch 2 and tested each on a Windows PC, then wanting to make some changes I plugged Bunny back into my Linux Laptop. The green led lights up as per normal but then nothing (no blue blinking). I tried to connect via Serial / Screen bb.sh etc but without any success so I decided to Factory Restore the Bunny once more. S
  6. Thanks very much for the explanation. Saved me several more hours of frustration... Bunny Flashed and displaying RED flashing LED so success I think. Much appreciated. MM
  7. Hi Bunny Fans....this is my first post so please be gentle with me! Can someone help clarify something for me please? I've been experimenting with my new Bash Bunny for a few days now, and apart from having to restore it back to factory settings a couple of times I think this will become one of my favourite exploit tools. Today I decided to FLASH the Bash Bunny Firmware to v 1.3. I followed the download link, and the flash instructions but have not been able to get bunny to update the firmware (Police LED Red/Blue etc). So here is my question. (Please don't tell me i'm being stupid
  8. I had problems trying to restore the Bunny using the method suggested by Darren (as above). Firstly I did not READ the original posting carefully enough and was unplugging Bunny whilst the green light was on and not as soon as it went out ! (Human Error), but having kicked myself for not reading instructions (its a man thing) I still could not get Bunny to restore itself. I unplugged Bunny from my Kali-Linux machine, and did exactly as the original post suggests, but this time simply plugged into a USB Power Source (not my Linux laptop) and behold... Bunny restored itself exactly as Darr
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