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windows 10 ICS - tether to a computer using usb


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I have just received my new pineapple mk vii, and i'm  trying to set it up so it uses the computers wifi connection (tether connection using usb), and no matter what i have tried it is not willing to comply 🙂  

I have tried to share the connection through windows in an normal way - allowing the usb ethernet card (ethernet 3 on my laptop) to use the wifi connection on the laptop. I have tried to redefine the ipadresse to on ethernet 3 adapter, set it to automatic but no luck. I see the asix adapter in windows, and windows has recoqnized driver for the usb card.

The mk7 runs fine using normal internet access using wlan2 wifi connection to my access point.

Anyone who have a success using tethered connection using usb-c or what am i doing wrong.

Best regards

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