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  1. Hi I found the solution for the tinycss problem ? The is no need for further downloads, tinycss is included in the portal auth package, but there is a small error regarding where files is located. Check (page 7) for solution Regards
  2. problem solved ? Solution is on page 7.
  3. i can't get this to work, because it fill up the internal storage on the nano. How can i do this, if i want to use the sd card i have put into the nano.
  4. I have tried this But it just fill up the storage on the device
  5. Hi I'm running on firmware version 2.2 (waiting for 2.3). But i have a problem when i want to clone a site using portal auth, it fails with an error saying that i don't have tinycss installed. This i where the problems start. I have tried to follow the quide Zylla have made, but no succes :-( I'm kinda new to wifi pinapple, so is there anyone out there who can give me a guide for dummies, so i can get this module installed. Thanks
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