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Difference between 'O.MG CABLE' and 'O.MG KEYLOGGER CABLE'


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I'm interested in the O.MG cable, but there is a new 'O.MG KEYLOGGER CABLE' to be released soon.

What's the difference between the two? Is the second one simply a replacement/upgrade of the first one? 

I checked the blog post before posting my question, and I might have missed something, but it's still unclear to me what the actual differences are. The part below tells a little bit about technical upgrades, but it's not a clear comparison between the two. I would like to buy one complete set, but I'm unsure which cables to get (get the current or to wait for the new cables).

"Some high level feature info: The on-cable storage for keylogs and payloads is currently measurable in the hundreds of thousands (of keystrokes). And this is before applying any sort of optimizations or compression! We also plan on support for the Hak5 Cloud C2 service in future versons. This is something we have already started working on for the original O.MG Cable as well. The O.MG Cable definitely is not being replaced, in fact, there are actually quite a few firmware enhancements we will be migrating to the O.MG Cable that we created during the development of O.MG Keylogger Cable." - https://mg.lol/blog/keylogger-cable/

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all of those are answered on the blog entry found at https://mg.lol/blog/keylogger-cable/
The exact differences have not fully been disclosed, and the features will likely continue to grow and evolve as we work on the firmware. That is a pattern seen with almost all of the O.MG hardware because we tend to develop the firmware with the community by providing very early access to those who are interested. 

In short, it took over 1 year to squeeze in keylogger functionality on top of the O.MG Cable without losing the existing functionality or increasing the physical size. But we realize not everyone needs all of this extra functionality of O.MG Keylogger Cable, so we will absolutely be keeping the O.MG Cable. Much like a Bash Bunny or Key Croc did not replace the Rubber Ducky. Right tool for the job. 

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Does the OMG keylogger cable require The connection between a target iPhone and computer computer or can it simply be plugged into a charger block to install the keylogger. I’m sure this is a very novice and overall dumb question I apologize in advance.

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