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  1. I'm interested in the O.MG cable, but there is a new 'O.MG KEYLOGGER CABLE' to be released soon. What's the difference between the two? Is the second one simply a replacement/upgrade of the first one? I checked the blog post before posting my question, and I might have missed something, but it's still unclear to me what the actual differences are. The part below tells a little bit about technical upgrades, but it's not a clear comparison between the two. I would like to buy one complete set, but I'm unsure which cables to get (get the current or to wait for the new cables). "Some high level feature info: The on-cable storage for keylogs and payloads is currently measurable in the hundreds of thousands (of keystrokes). And this is before applying any sort of optimizations or compression! We also plan on support for the Hak5 Cloud C2 service in future versons. This is something we have already started working on for the original O.MG Cable as well. The O.MG Cable definitely is not being replaced, in fact, there are actually quite a few firmware enhancements we will be migrating to the O.MG Cable that we created during the development of O.MG Keylogger Cable." - https://mg.lol/blog/keylogger-cable/
  2. After learning a bit more about CAD-software from Cap_Sig, I'm making some nice progress learning FreeCAD and designing an enclosure to house several different types of dongles (RTL-SDR Blog V3 R820T2 RTL2832U, AWUS 036AC and SENA UD100). The next part is antennas. I'm building a set for sniffing wireless signals like wifi probe requests. So I don't need to transmit, just receive. At first I was thinking about mounting them on the outside, but I came across adhesive flat antennas. If I mount these adhesive antennas on the inside of the case, how well could they work? Has anyone tried that before? I usually see antennas mounted on the outside, so was wondering if this idea is gonna work. What would be the reception/range and can anyone recommend good dual band antennas to be used with the aforementioned dongles?
  3. Thanks, very helpful! I have no experience with CAD software, but I've seen some good video tutorials. FreeCAD seems like a good option! I'll give it a try and see how it works. In the end I guess the choice of software is based on personal preferences, but thanks for guiding me in the right direction for designing a custom enclosure for multiple dongles and a Raspberry Pi. I'm also interested to see other personal projects with 3d printed cases, so show 'em if you want, that would be awesome!
  4. Last weekend I've been looking for more info on CAD-software to design a case/enclosure for multiple dongles with a Raspberry Pi. I've seen dozens of possibilities, but have no idea which tool to choose. This is what I am looking for; - Software to design enclosures for PCB's - Preferably free/open-source - Not cloud based - For use with an Ultimaker printer (compatible file types: STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG) Hopefully someone has any tips about good software to use for creating enclosures for various types of hardware. Looking forward to hearing the experiences in using different CAD-software and recommendations. What software does Hak5 uses to create the enclosures for the different products for sale? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the replies! @Haze1434, I tried the commands you mentioned and it worked of course. I got to see the filename and the keyword I was looking for. # grep -r "keyword" * /home/user/testfile.txt: keyword I should have mentioned that I´m trying to search for specific keywords in pcap files on an Ubuntu system. I found out that I should have used the -a option with grep, to process a binary file as if it were text. # grep -ar "keyword-to-search-for\|second-keyword" * Binary file test1.pcap matches Binary file test2.pcap matches testfile1.txt: keyword-to-search-for testfile2.pcap: second-keyword
  6. I'm trying to search for multiple words inside multiple files. Right now I get a nice result list of the keywords I wanted to find using grep, but without filenames. I want to know the source and context of the keywords I'm looking for to do some deeper digging. I can also 'grep -Ril', but then I just get the filenames the words are found in without the actual words (not really useful when searching for multiple words). Does anyone have any tips about how I can combine searching for multiple keywords within files and how to display the filenames these words were found in, on the same line (even if the words were found in more then one file). It would be nice to have a txt file as input for the keywords I'm looking for, but I guess I need to do some python scripting then?
  7. I was thinking about this idea to create some sort of forensically sounds manner to automatically create a memory dumps for incident response. So there has to be none or minimal changes to the host system and it doesn't matter if it takes some time to load and create an actual image. But I want to be able to create these memory dumps locally, instead of over the network. Of course there are already some nice tools that can do the job, but I thought it would be cool to see if the Bash Bunny could be used, because of the payload selector switch. Thanks for mentioning Powersploit, PoSHMagiC0de. Looks very interesting!
  8. Would it be possible to use the bash bunny for dumping the entire memory on both Windows and Linux systems (payload 1 & 2)? For example with volatility and LiME, but without installing anything on the target systems. Has anyone looked into this idea aleady? Would it be possible to install and run software from the bash bunny or use some sort of portable software that doesn't require installation?
  9. I'm sorry for bringing up an older post, but I'm having similar issues. The YARD stick one dongle is being recognized with the 'lsusb' command as shown above (OpenMoko, Inc.). I installed 'rfcat' and this seem to work as well. However, when I open 'gqrx', the dongle/antenna is not found/recognized. I tried the same steps on different machines (installing rfcat and trying to get it to work with gqrx). Since the YS1 is not an SDR compatible device, maybe it's an idea to add a sub-forum under "Active Projects"? Something like "YARD Stick One / Ubertooth One" sub-forum?
  10. Thanks, it was indeed a connection error... I had to change something at the Network tab. It didn't got an internet IP. Received my Pineapple a couple days ago, and is working great now. Thanks!
  11. How long should it take to upgrade to 1.4.0 using the 'over the air upgrade'? I am stuck at the 'downloading firmware' window, for over 45 minutes. Still at 0%. The amber light is blinking, and the blue light is solid. I am guessing it should go faster than this? What am I overlooking?
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