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  1. Hectortxz


    If I Want To Use setoolkit through BB On Putty Is It Possible And If So How ?
  2. Hectortxz


    Why When I Use "Sudo" It Says Command Not Found I'm Trying To Put "sudo airmon-ng" But It Says Command Not Found. I Thought The BB Was A Linux
  3. Hectortxz


    I Wondering If Their Will Be Something Special On Easter Day. Since You Know "Bunnys" And "Easter" Go Together Hmmm? What Do Y'all Think?
  4. So I'm On Windows 8 And Can't Share My Wi-Fi Connection To The Bash Bunny Cause The Sharing Tab Is Missing
  5. So When I Go To The IPV4 Properties I Set The IP To ?
  6. Where Did You Find The Answer ? I've Been Having The Same Problem
  7. I Changed The Payload For The US And I Pinged My IP To And It Came Back Good. It Just Doesn't Pass The Slow Purple Blink.
  8. Its A Slow Blink. I Think Its My IP I Set It To And 255-255-255-0 But It'll Turn Red When I Try The Payload, But If My Computer Tries To Automatically Get The IP It Blinks A Slow Purple For 5 Minutes
  9. I Tried It On Windows 8.1 And Purple Kept Blinking Slow For 5 Minutes. I'm Doing Something Wrong
  10. Do Payloads From USB Ruber Ducky Work On Bash Bunny ?
  11. I Mean It Doesn't Work How's Its Supposed To It Just Gets One More Error When Sticked In Second Computer
  12. Tested On Windows 8 When Typing -filepath Its Says Not Found Also When Typing Exit When I Use It On 2 Computer The First One Works And When I Stick It In The Next Computer It Basically Says There's Already A Folder With The Same Name
  13. Everytime I Run A Payload It Fails Saying "IP Not Found"
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