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I have purchased the Mk7 to try it out. I know how to perform these attacks by hand, but an easy and automated solution that is even 70% as successful as manual methods is worth it. I'm not looking for perfection, I'm looking to avoid conspicuousness on an engagement. Fast success is more important to me than sophisticated success. 

Unfortunately that was also the thought process behind my purchase of the Tetra late in to its life-cycle. Brendancarey33's comment hits hard. 

With the Tetra I was hoping to be able to replicate the success I had on my Kali laptop, but found outdated modules that would not work at all, bugs in the modules that did work, bugs in the firmware that were later patched but many months later all contributing to limited to no success.

Ridding the success on my laptop against networks I had authorization to test, I attempted many of the same attacks on the tetra. It was marginally successful, but wasn't moreso, and didn't take less time than manually performing the attacks. For this reason it did not warrant the space taken in my bag. I believe I would have felt differently earlier on.  


The tetra was definitely powerful, but held back by software issues. New attacks could take a half year to a year to become available, with very limited success compared to a simple wifi adapter on a kali laptop.

The mention of developer collaboration and rewards, as well as getting access to the tool early in its life gives me some hope. We'll see. 

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