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LAN turtle as USB NIC adapter


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Hi, hoping it's a quick one for the pros. I have a surface 3 without NIC and was using a USB NIC adapter to connect to networks. However this adapter broke now and I wonder how I can configure the turtle to act just as a USB NIC adapter for my laptop. Haven't found any hints on the internet though, but that's probably me looking at the wrong places. I know it should work somehow because Darren mentioned doing it in one of his videos. Could someone please tell me how or point me to a place where I can find it?

Thanks LUP0

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Have you tried just plugging the LAN Turtle into the Surface? It should work, but you won't get an IP address from the network. The IP address will originate from the LAN Turtle range (i.e. 172.16.84.x). The LAN Turtle in its hand will get an IP address from the network to which the LAN Turtle is connected to. Not sure if that is important to you though.

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