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Windows ME


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I have a computer that I am fixing to sell. It has a COA for Windows Millennium Edition (I know, it sucks) but whenever I try to install Windows on it, after it copies all the files and on the first boot when it tries to configure the OS everything starts crashing. Rundll32 crashes most to be specific. I am using an original ME install CD. The computer has an 80GB Hard Drive. The first 80GB Drive had this crashing on it so I thought that it might have been the drive so I swapped it out with another 80GB Hard drive and the problem still existed. I have tried installing in the CD-ROM and CD-RW drive and neither help. The CD is not bad because it installed on some other test computers just fine. Any ideas what is causing this?

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Windows ME is garbage, but you could generally expect it to at least work for a few days before it became too munged to even boot, so it's probably not ME's fault (at least not entirely).

I'd test the hardware first, but since you cant get it into windows i'd try downloading the ultimate boot cd iso, burn it to a cd and boot the problematic system with it. On the first page of the Mainboard tools section you'll find a few different RAM and CPU testers. Run one of each (i prefer Memtest86+ and Prime95) for a few hours (overnight if possible) and see if they throw up any errors. There's HDD utilities from all the major HDD manufacturers, so it might be worthwhile testing the drive as well.

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