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I was thinking lately. If anyone noticed, I encounter a lot of questions with usb devices. Always troubleshooting, mostly because I use the devices for purposes that they were not made for. Anyway to the point. I think, if there already isn't, there should be a business that makes computer devices for geeks, hackers, and modders. It took me months to figure out what usb wifi adapter is best for me to buy, and another month to figure out how to mod an antenna on to it. Like some small businesses that already exist, this new business would buy for example: ralink chipsets from ralink and put its own cover onto the adapters, preferrably modding an external antenna onto them. I think a business like that would solve many of our problems and save us many hours of googling. A particular product, that I would like to see being developed in the near future is the following usb device: It will be an mp3 player, a bluetooth adapter, a wifi adapter, a memory flash drive, and preferrably any other usb-used featured device. All of this will be combined. The adapter will have an external antenna connector, will be waterproof (there will be a plastic cover for the antenna connector so water won't go in), and basically if you drop it, it will stay put. I think if people will be willing to pay a few hundred dollars for such a device, they will want to pay 20 more bucks to make sure it is water proof and drop-on-the-floor safe.

When do you think technology will permit us to combine all these sweet features in one compact usb drive?

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I think that a business like that would be a great idea, and i would for sure love to work there, and about the usb thing you were talking about a lot of novelty devices like that never did very well but i would like to see yours end up like the rubiks cube, except idk what good and mp3 player in my usb hub would do

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I'd think that if you made a USB Wifi adapter with an accessible connector for an external antenna, you'd be on to something. It'd be a niche market that you'd be serving, but I'm confident such a market does exist.

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