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Mount DVD Drive over Network


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Hi guys, I've been trying to get my windows XP machine to mount the DVD drive off my Mac so I can play a game that requires there to be a disk in the drive. My XP machine does not have a DVD drive, hence relying on the mac. I was able to get the PC to see the contents of the drive through samba and even installed the game, but when I try to run, it keeps asking for that disk. I've made an .iso of the DVD on the mac and mounted on the XP machine it in a virtual drive using Alcohol 120% but no dice.

Is there some way to share /dev/disk1 that XP will accept as a drive instead of just a share folder?

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The mac should have no problems creating a iso image btw.

dd if=/dev/<I don't know mac device names> of=/root/dvd.iso

replace <I don't know mac device names> with the DVD drives device name, I could tell you if if there where using Linux or FreeBSD ;)

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I created the .iso through the terminal like that. It still failed in daemon tools with SafeDisk emulation turned on. Then I found a suggestion to disable any existing drives with device manager and mount the .iso in daemon tools, still no dice. I found a no cd version that'll let me play single player, and I might just break down an buy a $20 dvd rom drive from newegg.

It's annoying having to keep a disk in a drive, any other suggestions? Am I using daemon tools right?

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