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This is my first post. If it is the wrong context or out of scope for this forum apologies.

I am looking for a developer who can assist with the below project please

Im looking for a developer who can write a payload script which will automatically execute on connection with the target device

The device/s will be both an android phone and an Apple iPhone.

The script will ideally have the below features

Store in USB or other similar 
Execute script on connection 
Ideally bypass any pin (nice to have but not essential)
Mine all data with emphasis on:
- Call logs / contacts 
- What’s app 
- Facebook messenger 
- Ideally any further data 
- Mine current and deleted logs for all of the above
- Store Data for review in USB used for delivery
- Complete task as fast as possible and leave no trace

Is this something you can help to write to say Rubber Ducky?

if so, I would just need to know hourly / project delivery cost and timescale please.

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