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Hello, dug out my old Lan Turtle, forgot my password so I reset it, but now I can't seem to get things to work. All instructions show 3 lines of settings but I have 4,



Remote Port

Local Port

No matter what i choose, the module shows enabled and started, I can't stop it. I have my port forwarded on my router and have also tried using the lan address, nothing. I necer see the * in the menu indicating it's running either.


I did update it after flashing it to restore it. I've even managed to get everything except start on boot to work manually on a raspian raspberry pi, what am I doing wrong? Surprised to see this little actual, such a neat device. Please advise!


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Have you tried updating the AutoSSH module recently? Since you wrote this in May, an update to the LAN Turtle AutoSSH module has been made available with the release comment "update broken status functions". It might be related. Also make sure that you have the 6.2 firmware version installed. Restoring/factory resetting the LAN Turtle takes you back to version 5.0


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