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non networked devices


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im a noob so sorry for stupid questions...thank you in advance for your time... is it possible for the pineaple nano or tetra to detect the MAC addresses of IoT devices that are not attached to an AP. SO im thinking cars or mobile phones that are not attached to APs in range of the pineapple, or IoT devices that are in range but not attaching to any APs. 

id like to be able to scan and detect all NIC cards passing a point for a period of time, 10 min or so, this is a way i hope to measure footfall/activity through a gate for a college course. is it possible to detect devices that are independent of local APs and not likely to attach themselves to local APs even when i have my pineapple open and ready to connect...... see told you stupid questions/

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i'm not sure if that's what you mean i have problems understanding the question. But I think what you're looking for is airodump-ng. enter the following in the terminal:

airmon-ng start wlan1 && airodump-ng wlan1mon.

Now you should see all existing wlan access points and the clients that are looking for them

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no problem I'm happy that I could help you. I was a little confused about the iot here in Germany, they are connected via Bluetooth, but it would be interesting what happens if you plug a Bluetooth stick into the pineapple 🙂

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