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I did a quick search on here but there are no threads that I can see. I have a 5th generation iPod (video with iPod) and I'm trying to install Linux on it; should work right?

I get this when I type 'mount' in Terminal

/dev/disk1s3 on /Volumes/myPod (local, nodev, nosuid, journaled)

That means it is definately formatted correctly, right? Anyway, when I use the

 dd if=/dev/disk1s3 of=ipod_os_partition_backup

I get this message:

dd: /dev/disk1s3: Resource busy

Don't suppose anyone has any idea why do they?

Thanks a lot in advance :)

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i thought ipod linux had a nice gui step by step installer so you dont need to go though all this command line crap

Yeah but it said "No iPod found" when searching for it. It was definately plugged in at the time. It's an 80GB model... and I can only find documentation for the 30 and 60... could it be that it's just not supported?

I'm almost offended by that sentence...

Heh :P

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You have what is called a 5.5g iPod. Within the last 2 weeks they have got it working on the 5.5g's. It is really experimental and although I am really tempted to put it on my iPod, I've decided to wait for a couple months until they iron out a few bugs. You can find their guide for installing it at http://ipodlinux.org/5.5G.

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