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Hi guy..hope you can help me.

Im looking for something like an usb adapter for hdmi INPUT..i would like to connect my raspi to my laptop over hdmi to use my laptop sceen as monitor.
Everything i searched for on amazon surely only brings me results for hdmi out to mirror the laptop screen..but i need it vice versa.

I remember back in the days my graphic cards had something like "TV IN"..so im sure there must be a usb hdmi sollution nowadays...but i cant seem to find it.

And please dont day to use VNC..i need a hardware sollution to get the raspi video output on my laptop screen.
And please no links to high end capture equiptment..just a simple video-in stick/box

Hope someone can provide an amazon link or a search term..i looked for everything including the words usb hdmi input,

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There are such things as USB HDMI capture cards. They are usually kind of expensive.

What you might not realize, is that the audio jack on the side of your Pi is actually a composite video adapter. Although regular speakers and headphones will also work, that round jack can take a special a/v plug that provides video and stereo audio, which can then be fed into a composite video input card, either PCI/PCIE or USB.

Try something like: https://www.ebay.com/itm/264665541205

Please make sure that it says it is compatible with Raspberry Pi, because some of those cables aren't (wired differently).

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