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Cant connect to C2


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Hi guys..hope you can help me out.

Im kinda new to linux and webhosting but im trying to learn.

I rented a rootserver (debian 9), registered a domain at domain.com and point it to the server..i opened input tcp port 80 and 443 in the iptables..now when i start c2 (even with just the ip given as hostname and no https) i cant connect to c2..it says ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

The system is fresh, nothing installed or changed (except my iptables entry), the domain leads to the right IP. Im having trouble getting SSL running..but for now i would be happy if i could connect even with an unencrypted connection. Im playing around while learning..but now im stuck..please help.

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Look up the screen command.

Basic use is you prefix your c2 startup command with screen. This allows you to drop the ssh connection leaving c2 running. When you reconnect using ssh, typing screen -r reattaches the running c2 session.


You might want to avoid looking up the man page for screen because it's one of those that you can read and be none the wiser unless you already know how to use it!! There are many "How To" type of postings that will show you the basic use you need.

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