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Disappointed with Hak5's Shop & Product


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I purchased the essential kit and it it was not what was expected. I will list some of what was different.

  • A totally different bag; it's bigger, has a different pocket layout, and looks nothing like the one in the image of what I was sold.
  • There was no keychain... even though most images display it as part of the kit. Even this official Hak5 video shows it as part of the kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0QF5OBOKk0 Upon looking into the keychain... it seems this is something that people are constantly disappointed about. Obviously, they must know they will keep upsetting people by using such tricky advertising tactics.
  • None of the Hak5 modules, that I have tried, work on the LANTurtle. It arrived with v3 firmware and I upgraded it to v6.2. I then attempted to use URLSnarf and it would not work. I deleted the module and added responder. When you click start on the responder module it states it is missing files and attempts to download them. It then states git is not installed. It's basically just a light-weight box I can SSH into that has a bunch of modules that do not work without making them work yourself. Rendering the turtle shell prompt useless, as the modules it provides and controls are not working.

Also, I was planning to order something else and submitted my email to be notified when it was available again. I have since checked regularly for it to be in stock. This afternoon I saw it was available, but I never received any email stating it was available. I went to order it once I got home and it's out of stock again. I wish they would of emailed me like they offered.

All in all. I am disappointed about how unprofessional the service by Hak5 has been. Advertising one bag and sending me another without any notice explanation... the ketchain... none of the modules actually working on the LANTurtle... then not emailing me when I clearly saw it was in stock again.

Below is a screenshot of the video where it shows the essential kit. With the keychain and advertised bag.



Below is a photo of what I received. Note it has a couple items, the switch and tap on the left side, that I purchased with the kit.


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