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Internet Accounting


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Hello Dear Hackers

I have a question about Hak5 gears:

What should I do For a network that the Internet is Accounting and To use the Internet You should Have an account.

In this situation When i use the Hak5 Gears i can't use the Internet!!!

I will appreciate You To help.

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45 minutes ago, digininja said:

Can you describe the problem in more detail. I think a language barrier is blocking understanding.

Yes Dear

Do you know Internet Accounting software of service?! Like ccproxy and etc

I have an Internet network that when user want to have an Internet they must have username and password to login then have an access to Internet 

know I want to use packet squuirrel , lan turtle or etc.

but there is no Internet that I want to connect my hack tools over the internet because as an havker I don’t have the user name and password.

Is it clear?

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