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[ASK] Tetra For Newbies


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Hi guys,


newbie's here, i'm thinking i would buy Pineapple tetra tactical series, 

however i have few inquiry before purchase,


1. on the demo video . i saw pineapple need to be connected to internet for initial setup, do we need internet connection everytime we would like to use this tetra ?

2. if we perform wireless packet capture on Dot1x network ( WPA-Enterprise ) , if we have the username & password of the user, are we able to decrypt the packet ?

3. are we able to sniff multiple channel at the same time ?

4. any cons tetra users face on this product ? 




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1. You only have to download the firmware from the internet, the pin apple does not have to be connected to the internet

2. The question I do not understand completely can it be that I am poorly translated (I still have my difficulties with word and writing)

3. Each wlan chip can only be on one channel, at the same time you cannot use it but you can jump on the channels (channel hopping)

4. Are there disadvantages when you are exposed to a Linux machine in the network?

Greetings from Germany

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