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Win7 or Win10 for older games?


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Ok so a little background before we get too hung up on the title.  I enjoy playing the older games from the mid 90's to the mid 00's.  The hardware I'm using is an FM2 socket APU with built in graphics and an i5 haswell with a similar graphics card to the AMD APU.  So I'm not looking to break any records with graphics or anything.  Modest settings are fine by me.  No 4k or HD.  I actually quite enjoy playing on 720p on my 50" Sony. 

Anyways with more modern equipment I've been told that win10 is obviously the better choice.  It supports the latest drivers and so on.  But in my case where my hardware is locked in and I have no interest in upgrading anytime soon, is win10 really that much better than win7?  99% of the time I won't have the computer on the net and I know if by chance I do touch the net with an outdated win10 I'm basically SOL until it's done updating.  So any thoughts?  I like the flashiness of win10 but is there really any gain?  I personally haven't really noticed any when playing the same game on either OS.

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Honestly it depends on the game. If it will only run under windows 7, and not on 10 with it set to "run as", then it's likely fairly old, and perhaps would run in a VM without too much hassle.

Also remember, come January, no more updates for Windows 7.

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