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How to exploit the SIPS 0.2.2 Vulnerability


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Hi guys, I am new to this forum and after looking around nearly everywhere, I am unable to find an answer to this question and hoped you could help.

After scanning a website with nkito, the result showed that it was vulnerable to the sips vulnerability and that I could login as admin without knowing the password. However, after inputting the information in the url, I was simply redirected to the login page which also contains a captcha. Is there anyway I can still exploit the vulnerability such as using Metasploit?? Please help

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Yeah same here,a friend of mine gave me a more complex version of DVWA to test my skills. I ran Nikto on it and found a vulnerability identified as "OSVDB-44056". I'm not too sure what it means(only that it is related to sips v0.22), but I tried checking for it in Metasploit and didn't find anything.

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