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in theory https://wiki.debian.org/PXEBootInstall

Considering there could/would be a running dhcp server on the network to collide with and it not directing to a pxe server : yes.

Also considering : the battery on the Shark jack will not run for a long time depeding on  the load.


Contradiction interminus : you need a piece of hardware to start a dhcp/pxe request ... connected to that same network ... might as well load that hardware with an OS.


Question remains : why ? You have a running box on the network you can shell into ??

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This is totally doable in theory, but practically speaking you're going to run into limitations with run time and storage space. The later can be overcome with sshfs, and the former can be overcome by continuously charging the unit (though it's not recommended as the device is not intended for long term deployments).

Neither of these are issues for the Shark's sibling - the Packet Squirrel - which features USB for tons of storage, and USB for persistent power.

For either platforms this guide should prove as a good starting point:


Still - I can see this being used in conjunction with some other tools/techniques to pull of a creative attack. 

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