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Nano Setup


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Howdy all!

Just plugged in and did basic update to firmware on my Nano.  SOOOO cool.  I'm trying to setup a basic man in the middle situation for starters.  I've watched some of the videos on YouTube but somehow I must be missing something somewhere since things aren't working just yet. (specific enough to de-bug? 🙂 )  General question, since I'm testing this on my own network which has a password, is that potentially creating a problem?  Here is what I've been able to do and where I get stuck:


  1. Scan for SSID
  2. Found mine
  3. Able to see who's connected to it, etc.
  4. Connect to it under Networking->Wifi Client Mode
  5. That's where trouble starts...I'm not clear on where to go from here to then re-broadcast that SSID out.  Do I need to add in one of the Modules?  I see a few but am not sure?  Any help for this poor Noob would be appreciated greatly!



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So to do a MITM you must be in the actual middle of connections.  For example:  Device > Pineapple > WAN connection. I would recommend some research on the topic if you are not familiar with its workings.  

First issue you will have is for SSID spoofing to work, you must do it on an open network.  You broadcast the same SSID from the pineapple as the target AP then deauth clients in hopes for them to reconnect to your spoofed AP on the pineapple.  There are other factors at play here like signal strength from the target device in relation to the actual AP and the pineapple.

It is best practice for the pineapple to be on a different internet connection than the one being targeted.  Like a mobile device hotspot or another wifi AP.  

Now there are ways to do this on secured networks but in practice that is not how the PineAP is setup to work.  It also requires additional setup, etc.  

A good test setup would be to create a open network with the pineapple and connect it to your home network via wired connection.  Then connect wireless client to the open network on the pineapple.  This will let you learn about how the pineapple interacts with devices.  

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