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Best Procedures for Stble Nano


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Hi all- and other NOOBS-

Whenever you start working with a new system, you learn it's idiosyncrasies and how to work with it so that it is stable.

With the Nano, this seems to be challenging. On any particular boot-up, it is totally random weather: I will be able to get an internet connection to the Nano,

weather the loaded modules will show (SD disappears), weather the third radio dongle will be seen- or weather PineAP Daemon will run.

It usually take me 6-10 re-boots to get one where all four work. Sometimes it just isn't going to work that day. (with Win 7 or 10)

What I am asking is if you folks who are experienced with Nano- could write a short list of things one must do- or avoid doing- to get maximum stability out

of the Nano. Since there is no organized repository of data on these devices, like the early days of the net- we must rely on each other.

Thanks - Bob

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not plug it in 24/7 it will heat up to mutch 

if inthernet not working fine, restart your pc with the nano out of it and when restarted plug it in again 

I use ethernet so i cant comment on the internet one 

use a sd cart with nothing on it  

hopefully this helps a bit ❤️


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