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  1. I did one already to make sure I had a good upgrade. I think it is just a code issue. Normally, there is something you can do to make the broken feature work correctly. You refine your procedure so the bad stuff doesn't happen. Wanted to be able to fire-up Occupineapple without needing to use the laptop...I'll keep trying. Tnx- Bob
  2. Hi guys- Say, I'm just trying to make the nano boot up with the Public WiFi disabled and the management WiFi enabled. I set it for this, then reset the radios - and use the shutdown from the top right drop-down menu. (back out gracefully) It always re-boots with the management WiFi disabled and the public WiFi enabled. Whats up with that? Thanks! Bob
  3. Hi all- and other NOOBS- Whenever you start working with a new system, you learn it's idiosyncrasies and how to work with it so that it is stable. With the Nano, this seems to be challenging. On any particular boot-up, it is totally random weather: I will be able to get an internet connection to the Nano, weather the loaded modules will show (SD disappears), weather the third radio dongle will be seen- or weather PineAP Daemon will run. It usually take me 6-10 re-boots to get one where all four work. Sometimes it just isn't going to work that day. (with Win 7 or 10) Wh
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