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I need some help setting up my openVPN network..

the situation.

i need to get around a firewall. i have the idea of using openVPN to tunnel my connection to a vpnserver at home. this vpn server is usually called The router is

i am using as the internal tunnelip for and for the openvpn client.

got that? good.

the problem now, is to setup openvpn to use the "" at home and tunnel all traffic to it.. is that possible? and how?

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OpenVPN is much harder to set up than Hamachi, Logmein.com, or a simple SSH tunnel would be. Exhaust all other options before diving into OpenVPN. Just a suggestion. If you are in it to learn, be my guest. I am actually writing a paper on OpenVPN, well more like a dummies guide.

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mh. the thing is, that i want to know who is on the other end. on hamachi, you arent the other end.

would be cool, if you could give me a hand. ill post configfiles if you need.


alrite. I got it running now.

But it's a little ineffective.

i am running a squidproxy which does the work for the gateway. and this one is sooooo slow.

and all that, because i cant get the routing to work..

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