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Wireless connection to nano


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trying to work out if i can connect to the wifi pineapple nano wirelessly from my phone to access the control panel without an OTG cable to then setup a MITM attack  once ive provided it internet from a near by access point in the settings page, Is this possible because i want a fully non suspicious  setup without wires or Antennas sticking out everywhere if you get my drift. 

Has anyone ever done this and if so how because every single tut Ive seen has been using an OTG for a phone or a USB for laptops. 

Help with this issue would be appreciated, Alex 

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22 hours ago, alexprot said:

Management AP is just an AP that turns up in your list of possible wifi points to connect to ?

Yes, it is the one you create a password for during initial setup.

22 hours ago, alexprot said:

And once I connect just use the default gateway to use the web gui ?


19 hours ago, alexprot said:

Oh yea also would I need to connect its own wifi dongle for that too?

No, it is build into the pineapple.

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