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SiteSurvery Capture issue


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9 hours ago, hhf said:

i am facing a issue upon capturing packets, the number of IVS stops increasing and remains like this even after refreshing. I have tested that upon 4 wifis and same behavior observed. Please advice

Have not tested this feature yet with the latest firmware.

Please provide following info:

  • wifi pineapple firmware version
  • network security type trying to capture on
  • average number of IVs before it stops capturing
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20 hours ago, hhf said:

Did you get the chance to check it? @Cap_Sig

Yes.  Sorry for the delayed replay.  I seemed to get mixed results.  Going to look into it a little more.  I have been testing a lot with the firmware and upgrade methods lately.

What method did you use upgrading to 2.6.1 ? Manual install or OTA?

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8 hours ago, hhf said:

@Cap_Sig did you get the chance to check it?

It does seem to have the issue from time to time.  Other users have reported limited IVs as well.  I have not had time to try and find the source of this.  

If you are looking to capture high IV counts you may trying directly using Airodump-ng for the time being.

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