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I just completed my Masters in COmputer Application. i want to learn ethical hackin all the way as its my passion and my interest. i like to hack things, find vulnerabilites and solve them. but my problem is i dont know where to start, how to pursue and what all to learn. i have good programming skills like java, python,c, mysqla dn javascript. i know basics of networking and operating system. can anyone help me .? it would mean a lot to me.? i want to become a ethical hacker and thats my ultimate goal..!!!

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1) Learn to use a search function. 


I don't say that cruelly, I say it because you would see this very question is asked multiple times, and there's even a  pinned topic on it.



2) You've given a  very vague impression of what you want to learn. I suggest go with specifics. You have a masters, so you should in theory know how a computer and a network works. Build a small home network, and start testing.

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