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Modules, firmware and versions


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Thank you for version 2.6.1, ! YOU ROCK !

As there are diferent verions on the tetra/nano firmware>

Is it possible to show at the, 'Available Modules from Hak5' page, the version number of what fimware will work with this version of that 3rd party module.
It is maybe possible to put something in the module like
$Author = 'Darrekinne'
$Version = '13.3.7'
$Workwith = '2.5.4'

Now I have to hope that when I select a module, it will work with the 2.6.1 and the 3rd party still wants to update the module.
Maybe you can send a mail to the active authors to inplement such new feature and consider the not responding/updated modules as only working with 'the tested version' (like 2.5.4)

As we all like to install some of the modules

Is it also possible when I install a module, the depencies are installed togheter during install.
And if I decide to install the module to sd (Nano), the depencies are also installed to the sd.
Then the ugly red/green (whatever color the author likes to use) buttons are gone.

In the module the author can set the depencies
$Author = 'Darrekinne'
$Version = '13.3.7'
$Workwith = '2.5.4'
$Depencies = 'reaver bully'

maybe at some of your API's you can implement something like

if($Depencies) {
    opkg install $Depencies $toSD

Is it not normal that we want to install the depencies if we install a module.
What use does it have if not ?



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