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  1. I love both the Tetra and the Nano, but.. It would be nice if the firmware could see the difference between a tetra and a nano If the firmware knows its a tetra, it should not ask where to install modules and/or dependencies as there is no SD It would be nice if I select a module name, I go to the #top of that module page. Now have I to scroll down to select the wget module and have to scroll up again to see the page content.
  2. I can second that; The tar is been downloaded (9.986B or something), but nothing happens.
  3. thanks for your answer, but ... Its not the battery pack I'm intrested in and I'll replace the battery asap. The antennas would be placed (with souwed velcro) vertical on the laptop bay, with a little cable to the tetra (max 4"). I only wanted to know if the usb port in such backpack has all cables soldered. Is it only the red and black for power that is soldered or are the data cables soldered as well ? Can I use the usb port for more than charging ?
  4. ebay image Is it possible to use it for usb tethering or controlling the pineapple I would like to buy such backpack to put a tetra with battery in it. It would be nice to hold the phone and control the tetra while walking. Is such usb port useable for that or does it only charge the phone ?
  5. Every OS or browser would like to test if the captive portal has internet access. Therefor I would like those connectivity or success pages hosted on the pineapple and spoof the url. For example: http://detectportal.firefox.com:80/success.txt If I like to spoof that success page, do put the page into the google evil portal directory on the sd card or do I have to put them into the nano home directory /var/www
  6. root@nano:~# pineapple karma add_mac 11:22:33:44:55:66 Sucessfully added MAC 11:22:33:44:55:66 If the client Filtering status is set to deny in the Filter module and adding the above command, will this block the mac address for further connection until reboot even when I can't see the client mac address into the module clientfiltering field. Or, is the above command not the correct one ?
  7. Thank you Foxtrot for your input. I have read your answer and been noted to not alter the DB. however, it is the way I'll go using SSH means I'll have to watch every connection and its my goal to have it full automated. the module Filters uses the same DB for storing its SSID's and MAC's I just use some functions of the module and it works well. And "IF" I would really **** it up, I'll replace the backup DB or reflash the firmware. No animals would be hurt or killed so, can you answer my question please
  8. I have a portal page and it asks for the client creds After the $_post, the client creds are logged in a txt file, pineapple notified... the client gets kicked, deauthed and hopefully get blocked, hopefully !!! to block the client, I would like to add the $mac to the mac_blacklist in the pineapple.db and for that I would like to know if it is doable. so, how many times or when does the Nano or Tetra reads the pineapple.db ??? at boot, when the client connect or when I open some module Thanks in advance
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