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Pandora's Jar for Slax Live CD (Linux)


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I created a Slax module of Pandora's Jar CF7 to be

used under Linux (Live CD)... 'pluginreg.dat' has

been modified to disguise flash v7.0.25.0 as flash

v9.0 d55, "about:plugins" says it's effectively v9

while http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/ says

it's v7.0.25.0, actually (which is correct). I've

created a pair of KMenu links to launch the server

then FireFox at this location: (it

fails with localhost); the Pandora player doesn't

complain about flash v7 and starts normally but no

music can be grabbed because it's unable to locate

artist and song information, as the text below the

button says. There are .MP3 files in /tmp/plugtmp

so i'm wondering if that's a flash version problem

(there's no v8 available) or if it's because i got

it dead wrong when i pointed TEMP at /tmp/plugtmp.


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where can I download that livecd in order to test it?


the problem is not a configuration one - it's with the pandora API, look at:

    <OBJECT id="PandoraEvents"


        height="0" width="0 " classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000">

        <PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE="http://www.pandora.com/PandoraEventsv2.swf"/>

        <PARAM NAME="quality" VALUE="high"/>

        <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#FFFFFF"/>

        <PARAM NAME="menu" VALUE="false"/>

        <PARAM NAME="FlashVars" VALUE=""/>

        <EMBED src="http://www.pandora.com/PandoraEventsv2.swf"

           quality="high" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WIDTH="0"

           HEIGHT="0" MENU="false"

           NAME="PandoraEvents" ALIGN="" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash"


           FlashVars="" />


at the end of pandoraGrabber.html, the problem is in this object or related to it.

[or with the javascripts - which is less likely]

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Hi ColdFusion,

My file is here and Slax sits at the next address:


'Pandora_Flash7Fixed.mo', 4788 KiloBytes


SLAX Standard Edition v5.1.8.1, 192 MegaBytes

Insert these Java and FireFox modules in the .ISO:


Java 2 JRE v1.5.0_09, 30.43 MegaBytes


Mozilla FireFox v2.0.0.1, 9.44 MegaBytes

I hope this FireFox module has Java ready, the one

i got is in foreign language so it's no good here.

Module insertion can't be made easier if you do it

with a utility such as UltraISO: you just add the

file to the /modules/ pre-existing directory if it

must be loaded automatically or /optional/ if not.

The Flash v9 plugin is already included on Slax so

my Pandora module overwrites it with the older one

and modifies the .DAT file as was explained to us.

Of course, it's not a finished product (the launch

KMenu links need to be revised) but i'm quite sure

you and your readers can cope with a console line,

search for a pair of simple scripts at the root...


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