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Hello, all,

Is there a way to type a "CTRL-ALT--DELETE" on the BashBunny?

I've tried:




I can't tell if I'm using the wrong key series, or if there is some issue with the platform I'm testing against.  Any help is appreciated.

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1 minute ago, CommodoreDad said:

Where is documentation for QUACK, or at least the hyphenated commands?  Whenever I find QUACK documentation it does state the CTRL, ALT, etc., but I've not read where to use, or not use, the hyphen.

Personally, I can't get "QUACK ALT TAB" to work.  Will now try "QUACK ALT-TAB".


Nope.  ALT-TAB didn't work either.  Odd thing is "ALT TAB" works fine on Linux, but not Windows. ???

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1 hour ago, CommodoreDad said:

Nope.  ALT-TAB didn't work either.  Odd thing is "ALT TAB" works fine on Linux, but not Windows. ???

Update: Was able to get "ALT-TAB" to work on a Windows VM, but still not working on a, particular?, laptop.  Everything is set as US language on the Bunny.  Why this particular laptop is ignoring it, I have no idea.

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The BashBunny is always a great Christmas gift hehehe 🙂

I recommend watching the hak5 episodes on youtube first. I'm gonna explain it, just for you

This is for Windows, on Mac it doesn't work


LED SETUP (this is a LED status. LED SETUP is a shortcut for led g slow i guess?) please correct me if i'm wrong

ATTACKMODE HID (attackmode Human Interface Device)

LED ATTACK (again a shoortcut for a LED status)

RUN WIN "notepad" (it is just the windows key + r, and then types the word in "" into the run box and then presses enter.)

Q STRING hello world (the Q stands for QUACK. Every command with a Q or QUACK in front is a RubberDucky script. And everything behind STRING will be printed. You dont't need to put "" around your text. This is only in RUN WIN.

LED FINISH (is another LED status. LED G FAST and then LED G.)

Into the payload.txt you put that in without the brackets obviously. I attached the payload.txt below if my explanation was not good.

If the payload doesn't work, be sure that you have set your keyboard language to en-US. To do that, just go to powershell and write Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList en-US -force;

If you have any other questions, just ask me, I will help you. 



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