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Snagging ssid pool headless

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1 hour ago, Looyvillelarry said:

just bought a nano. I see how to a look at a clients ssid pool, from the browser. What I want to do is grab that pool in some kind of log. Is that posssible?  Tips?


Have you sorted out a micro SD and formatted it for the nano yet🧐

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3 minutes ago, Looyvillelarry said:

No, still waiting on the nano to arrive. Just trying to figure out and learn beforehand. 

Okay, there are lots of information on this forum. Take a look at the search section (above right) and fill your boots! 

Hope this helps😈

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1 minute ago, Looyvillelarry said:

Just to be clear, I want to setup, then set my phone near by, then remove my phone from the area. Then be able to go back into the nano and see my ssid pool

Yeah.......simples.........great product, great service, and Hak5 are superb (IMO)😎

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