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Updating yet https://lanturtle.com/updates/ gets 404


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So after updating to firmware #5 nothing works.

and its trying to update from https://lanturtle.com/updates/ or https://lanturtle.com/modules

but accessing that site from anywhere gets a 404. 

Whats the biggest deal is, this was for a red team gig, and would have been handy. Well this among other issues has lost the managements attention on buying more.

But since ive already bought this for myself i would like to actually get it working.

So if updates and modules result in a 404, what is the work around?

and lanturtle.com just goes to the site to buy a lan turtle.

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Hi xelerated,

Those URLs show a 404 because there is no index.html to serve - they're not intended to be used in the browser but instead to be used via software running on the Turtle. I've verified that the update mechanism works when you update via the turtle UI over SSH.

Can you confirm that's how you're trying to update?


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