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PineAP not allowing clients


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HI all,

Brand new Nano with 2.4.2 firmware.  In PineAP, I'm trying to connect a client to the SSID Pool but clients can't associate.  Think I am missing something with configuration.  Where do I go to get more detailed information or logs, can someone help?  Options set are Allow Associations, PineAP Daemon enabled, AutoStart PineAP enabled, log PineAP Events, client connect notifications, Capture SSIDs to Pool, Beacon Response, Broadcast SSID Pool.  I've added an SSID on the right of "Google Starbucks".  But clients can't associate to this SSID for some reason.  The PineAP log also doesn't show very much detail.

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3 hours ago, Puck said:

so is that an issue?  Under Filters, Client Filtering, it shows Allow Listed MACs and nothing is listed in the table.

Yup, you are currently "allowing" no MAC's to join. It's good to get to grips with the filters so its worth trying some combinations out.

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