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I have an issue with the LT. i have the settings set as per the tutorial from Darren. I connect well to the LT 3g on my remote network via 3g but i cannot access any computer on the local network,, vould anyone who has had a similar issue share his/her solution. I have had several communications with Darren who hasn't been so helpful.
Attached are the settings of my LT and local network.
Kind regards
Greetings Darren;
I have setup the LT to access the remote LAN through Autossh, Php meterpreter and openvpn which are all working.
And am accessing while connected over 3g.
Attached pleased find the settings as you asked and my remote network ipconfig.
Kind regards.
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To: Mikogo <mikogo@email.com>
Subject: [Hak5] Re: Lan turtle 3g settings
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Darren (Hak5)

Mar 11, 22:32 PDT

I'd be happy to help but I need a little more information on what's going on here. Can you please detail your network environment, how you have the LAN Turtle setup and how you're accessing its shell. Are you accessing it from SSH while directly connected over USB, over 3G, over the LAN?

Can you also please provide the output of the commands you are attempting to run, as well as the output of the "route" command and "cat /etc/config/firewall" and "cat /etc/config/network"

Best regards,



config_firewall.txt config_network.txt ipconfig _all.txt route.txt

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Hi mikogo -

I've been trying to ascertain the information necessary to diagnose your problem via twitter and email now. This seems like a routing issue.

How are you getting shell access to your 3G LAN Turtle when it's deployed (SSH reverse shell, meterpreter, netcat, openvpn, etc)?

How is it being powered – connected to a computer or a USB power source?

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