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I have a Raspberry Pi 3B and have two Generic RTL-SDR dongles attached. I have set these up to both operate, and they are sending tcp streams - I can connect to their respective individual ports with gqrx on my mac, and they work.  The plan is to run any apps to use these on my Mac Book Pro. I have installed GNU Radio and ergo Gnu Radio Companion on the Macbook pro - but... By default it doesn't seem to come with a  TCP receiver/source..  ANy ideas where I go looking for one of these - nothing obvious in google world, but I might just be using the wrong words or have sacrificed insufficient chickens.

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To make sure I understand correctly, you are wanting to connect to a raspberry pi via a TCP stream from another system on the network to access the SDRs connected to the pi?


If so you will need a compatible source block.  I'm not real familiar with GNU Radio but there should be a few generic and supported devices as part of the software package.

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