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BB doesn't work on WIN 10


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Hey everyone,

I've successfully updated (brand new) bash bunny to v1.5 but none of the payloads work. When connecting (switch 1 or switch 2) it flashes green once and then go to arming mode / or nothing happens and BB starts red blinking. Also when connecting via PUTTY, session opens but I'm unable to do anything at all, just black screen. 

Can anyone advise?

Thank you and have a nice Christmas week!


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Are you running Windows version 1809?  Microsoft took out a HID device driver that had been around for a very long time, I have not got my bunny yet but it could be that the bunny used that driver.  Hopefully if that's the case Hak5 will update the device hardware ID to the new driver for us.  


You can check on this, by typing winver in the search bar, and also checking the device manager for an unknown device (might say Device failed to respond ect)  Just a guess.

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Had the same problem, nothing seemed to work.
Something weird that is happening sometimes is a payload only gets triggert when its in attackmode hid storage.

I dont know why ( yet)


So i would advice, trying it with ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE.
I also restored it to its factory defaults


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I haven't gotten it to do anything. lol I've tried a lot of these. On all the credit extractions it just blinks red and never stops.....On others it just runs the script and puts an empty notepad file in the loot folder lol Help? How to set back to factory?

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  1. Set the Bash Bunny switch to position 3 (arming mode)
  2. Plug the Bash Bunny into a USB power source. The LED will momentarily light green. As soon as the LED goes off, unplug the Bash Bunny.
  3. Repeat the previous step twice more (for a total of 3 times)
  4. Plug the Bash Bunny into a USB power source and leave for 4 minutes. The LED will light RED to indicate recovery. When the light returns to BLUE blinking, the Bash Bunny has recovered
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