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  1. I haven't gotten it to do anything. lol I've tried a lot of these. On all the credit extractions it just blinks red and never stops.....On others it just runs the script and puts an empty notepad file in the loot folder lol Help? How to set back to factory?
  2. How to put it back to factory defaults?
  3. I don't know if it's just me (seems to be a lot of this on the forum though but my problem is different), but nothing seems to work. Like literally nothing. Is there a way to set it back to factory specs? I updated the firmware and everything but all the password capture stuff just blinks and slow red light for...like ever, and it never stops, and there is no drive to eject. Some of them appear to do something, but either the information it 'captured' opens a notepad that is completely blank LMAO. or it just blinks red for forever... I'd just like to reset it to factory specs or default or whatever to see if I can fix this thing. Any advice is welcome...while I see if this red blinking light will ever change....
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