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Signal Vs Alternatives


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So most everyone I know uses and likes Signal for encrypted texts and such. I have no issues with Signal personally and I like it as well, but I was curious about others just because I like to have options. I found one called 'Wickr'. I'm curious as to know if anyone else has tried this one and if it has any advantages/disadvantages over Signal. It claims to have device to device encryption, it does have message expirstion and burn on read timers which seems pretty cool.

Also wondering if you guys may have any other suggestions on potential options for alternatives.

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Surespot is another one. I personally don't know which is one more secure or better than the others. The real question is: are you sure you can trust a third party with your encryption? If governments get their way, software developers will soon have to start handing over keys or building backdoors into the encryption software.

This only mitigates the above-mentioned scenario somewhat but I like to use a number of different apps at the same time. I keep a third of my contacts on separate apps so if one app or key gets compromised the others don't 😉

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