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been awhile since using cables. I'm new to this read as much as I could got what read best in class. so I have a 15" laptop win ten a 15" laptop running parrot. a tetra. (video games) all ethernet. a 128gb persistent flash drives of kali and parrot mainly for gpd pocket. (different post). I'm in small rv. home setup advice. should I run ethernet to parrot laptop. then I think they only have one ethos port. I can use reg usb to connect windows laptop. (omg) it was a pain finding regular usbs lol. I'm asking is there better way to connect them. other hardware. mainly mobile. as said gpd pocket(love it) pineapple tetra. three nexus 5's (2 pwnie) (1nethunter) 2 nexus 7s one of each. a few tp adapters some athos adapters.a  couple small ones hak5 sell 10 bucks work great. lots of Y connectors with different ends. like I said fairly new. definitely all book knowledge. real world experience would be great on maximizing what I got. or need

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