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Scan network from Packet Squirrel (new quest)


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Hi everyone,

New to all of this so really appreciate any help.  

I've been able to setup my Packet Squirrel to be accessible through Open VPN on a VPS server (Digital Ocean).  I can get into the Packet Squirrel remotely, but I've tried a couple of commands to scan the network it's on (e.g. arp-scan, arp -a) but I'm not getting anything back.  I get a 'not found' message.  The most I can get is the router on the inside network (i.e. the router on the other side of the VPN(?)).  The Packet Squirrel is connected to a Raspberry Pi.

Does anyone know what command I can run to scan the network and get a list of IPs/connected clients?  Better yet, Is there a listing somewhere of the commands that can be run by default on the packet squirrel.  

Thanks a bunch!

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I know this is kind of an old post, but no one answered. Might be worth using something like nmap which is built into the packet squirrel by default. There is a payload you can edit to your liking or just run it manually once you reverse vpn back into the network. Just need to chose the right network. do an ifconfig and see what interface the local network is on and nmap that subnet.

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