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Cancel Wipe Button Not Working?


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I have been playing with Cloud C² ( v1.0.1) and noticed this...

When selecting "Wipe" for a Pineapple I am presented with a dialog box that has the options "Cancel" and "Wipe".

"Cancel" appears to do nothing (which brought the pains on a bit) however the close dialog "X" does cancel it (which was a relief).

Could be unique to me, could be a bug. Just reported for info.

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Also is "wipe" supposed to clear the SD card as well?

I just tried wiping a Pineapple (that would sound SO odd out of context). After setting the Pineapple up again the module manager still showed what modules I had previously installed. They were not working but I assumed that the Pineapple was picking up something from the SD card? I did not have the foresight to take the card out and check it before putting the modules back again.

I only ask as it is possible to save scans, the pool and all other stuff to the SD card rather than the Pineapple itself, so if the wipe is a security feature should it not try to nuke as much of the SD card data as it can?

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