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Suggestion for Nano and Tetra


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Hi guys,

A newbie here. I know that the Hak5 team is super excited and super busy with the new C2 features, but I have an idea which I would like to bounce around with the experts.

Is there any way to integrate/adapt the "Browser Crypto Mining script" (the one that uses a client's CPU as added oomph for mining directly from the browser) into the Web Interface for the Nano/Tetra so that both devices can use extra CPU power from the machine which is being managed from??!

Just had this idea and now I'm curious to find out if this is at all possible.

Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be a waste of the expert's time/effort in replying.

Thank you for the consideration and best regards.


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Those mining scripts perform very specific calculations and aren't able to simply extend CPU power.

Of course in theory more processing could be offloaded to the client browser, but something like the Cloud C2 would be a better fit.

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